From Grand Teton to Yellowstone
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On that same day, I drove from Grand Teton to Yellowstone NP. I guess it takes about 1.5 hours but you really don't feel it since everything is so beautiful outside ! It was the end of May so still there was snow on the sides of the roads. I stopped somewhere and saw the Yellowstone river, half frozen.

Yellowstone Yellowstone river

I was heading towards West Thumb Geyser Basin which is a geothermal area with many mud pots and small geysers. But just so you get the idea, every small geyser has a name ! From there I drove to Grant Village (can be found on the southern bed on the lake in the map).

Mud pot West Thumb Geyser Basin

I settled down and saw that every couple of hours there's a ranger lead activity. I searched for something that fit my location and timing and saw something at 5pm at the Fishing Bridge. The ranger spoke about the fact that many years ago the number of fish in the river was continuously decreasing so the park decided to take an action, yada yada yada – the eco-environment got balanced and everybody's happy. By the time it ended it was nearly 6pm but I noticed there's plenty of light ! I decided to continue touring the park since I didn't know how much will I have in the next days, what's the weather going to be like, etc. I drove thru the amazing Hayden Valley to the Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

I parked and went to the vista point. Crazy view ! There's this rule of thumb that if you want to get rid of the crowd, start walking … most people just park the car, go out for the view and move on. That's what I did. It was just a short trail but I reached a few other viewing points which provide different angles on the waterfalls and canyon. Look at the palette of colors here …

Hayden Valley DSC00154 DSC00160 Grand Canyon of Yellowstone DSC00173

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