Hopewell Rocks & Fundy National Park
ביי אוף פאנדי
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Hopwell Rocks & Fundy National Park

We spent the next night in Truro just to cut the distance somewhere in between. Our next destination was Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. The “Hopewell Rocks” is a collection of several big rock formations that lie on the beach of what’s having the highest tidal changes in the world!

Since this site is related to tides, you can’t just go there any time you want … It needs to be calculated according to the low & high tides table. Usually, in the regular season this information is more accessible but we were 1 day post-season! This meant that the park’s offices were closed but the park itself was open, so we got in for free and saved a couple of bucks.

Anyway, we needed to find the information somehow and then understand the tables! The information is about the times of the tides for each day but the small letters mention you can come 3 hours before and after so it requires some math. 

Bottom line – we managed to get in time! The tide was low and we walked on the beach. Before going down there’s a small balcony where you can have a lookout at some of the rocks. Of course each rock has a name but it’s not important…

Then we went down the stairs and strolled the beach. I think it can be done in 1 hour but the weather was so comforting that I just found myself a rock and laid there for another hour… 

The formations are nice and you actually walk between them, I bet it’s interesting to see how it looks in high tide which unfortunately I didn’t see.

Cape Enrage lighthouse

Leaving Hopewell Rocks, now we were headed south west towards Alma, but with a little detour. We took road #915 “Scenic route to Alma” – I thought it was going to be a short one, but the road didn’t seem to end. We wanted to go to a place called “Cape Enrage” (can be found on the map with a lighthouse marker next to Alma). The road was winding, crossed a small bay beach and then went uphill to a lighthouse with a very nice view!

Fundy national park

Now we were ready to get to Alma. Alma is a town located right on the entrance of Fundy national park, so one can imagine it should be at a “reasonable” size, right? Wrong! It was one of the smaller towns I visited on this trip. How did we figure it out? As I was driving my friend checked TripAdvisor for places to have dinner and was name-dropping and in response I was like “here it is, here it is” and so on, so when we saw all the 4 places to eat are in one block, and that’s the end of the town, it’s a sign.

We decided to go to Fundy national park and once again enjoyed the fact it was “off season” (2 days after the season was over) and entered the park for free. Right at the entrance, next to the closed visitor center, there was this crazy colorful tree! (too bad the trash cans were there to ruin the picture).

We did some research and found out there’s a short lovely trail leading to some waterfalls, the Dickson falls, and what do you know, the trail was indeed lovely. Walking there we saw a bunch of leaves on the ground which looked like a children’s playground! We also went to “Point Wolfe beach” and “Shiphaven” – two lovely hikes. Obviously the “beach” one goes down to a beach and the “Shiphaven” provides some lookouts on the beach from above.

While I was admiring the views in Shiphaven trail, I suddenly noticed something strange in the woods. It looked like someone forgot their iPad, but, in the woods?! What a strange place… I got close by and it was kind of a memorial for their… dog, who always used to hike with them!! That was sooooo nice!


Captain Inn's kitchen

We checked in at the “Captain’s Inn” and learned that the owner wasn’t there and her sister replaced her at the reception. We wanted to have dinner at the “Tipsy Tails” across the street but… it was closed even though the sign said it should be open! 

We ended up eating in this strange, empty place… When we finished dinner, at 8pm, we, listen carefully, went for a night walk! The moon was almost full and we drove to the park again to see how the same beach trail looks at night.

Woke up the next day and met Terry, the owner of the inn and we started chatting a bit about the history of the place, the town and so on. I was very surprised to find out she’s a grandma cause she looked so young! 

Anyway… as we were talking with her I turned my head and saw a room it’s a pity I didn’t see before – the first thing I saw were 5 lazy boy (recliners)! (the town has a population of 250 people!) and then when I entered the room and saw what they’re facing, ohhhh. 

There was this massive 80″ screen!! Once you sit down on that “couch” you really don’t want to get up, so we watched TV for a while and then had to leave… 

The plan was to cross the border and reach Camden, Maine. Bye bye Canada.

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